EASYJoint Buff Sand All Weather Paving Joint Compound - 12.5KG

EASYJoint Buff Sand All Weather Paving Joint Compound - 12.5KG
EASYJoint Buff Sand All Weather Paving Joint Compound - 12.5KG EASYJoint Buff Sand All Weather Paving Joint Compound - 12.5KG How to use EASYJoint All Weather Paving Joint Compound

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EASYJoint Buff Sand All Weather Paving Joint Compound - 12.5KG

EASYJoint EJ-3051 Buff Sand Paving Joint Compound is an all-weather sweep-in material that provides an effective solution to completely filling paving gaps without the need for kneeling and compressing the material by hand that will last for years. Unlike other products on the market, EASYJoint is made in the UK and is a very quick, effective and aesthetically pleasing way to fill joints between paving, such as natural stone, concrete flags, black limestone, sandstone, slate and more.

Designed to provide a strong joint that will resist the elements and stand the test of time; EASYJoint is a trouble-free product that is simple enough to use but does require the user to make sure they have prepared the area suitably first and to follow the instructions throughout - deviation from following the product instructions could result in an inferior or failed finish.


  • Truly an all-weather compound; EASYJoint is an all-year-round landscaping product to point your paving that can be used whatever the weather conditions are before, during or after the application - perfect for professionals and DIY use
  • Very fast to use; the use of water to aid in filling the joints is a breakthrough in jointing methodology as it assists the paving grout to compact into the joints so no need to 'strike' or 'tool' the joints unless you want a smooth finish
  • Less effort; the wash-in and sweep application method makes it very easy to use and is much fast than other traditional material methods
  • No staining or framing; When used correctly and the EASYJoint instructions are followed there will be no staying or framing to the paving making it safe to use with natural stones as well as being ideal for concrete paving. If you do experience any staining however don't worry, as the jointing compound will only leave linseed oil on the surface which will fade over time.
  • No waste; unlike other products, EASYJoint can be kept for later in its tub providing the material is covered by a minimum of 50mm or more water.


  • Full coverage will depend on the paving size, joint depth and width between slabs; we recommend using the Manufacturers EASYJoint Calculator to work out how many tubs it will take to joint your patio or paving area - https://www.azpects.co.uk/easy-joint-calculator.aspx

How to Use:

  1. Simply soak the paving area with plenty of water (the wetter, the better!) before commencing. The area must be completely saturated before starting and remain soaked throughout the application process. Do not 'shortcut' this process, particularly if you are working with absorbent or sensitive materials, such as Fossil Mint Sandstone, Modak, Granite and types of Limestone. It's worth considering sealing sensitive stone ahead of time, before laying, to protect its appearance.

  2. Sweep and wash the jointing compound into the joints, letting the water take the strain and natural push and pull the material into gaps and crevices. Work swiftly at this stage and ensure surfaces are kept wet - a 2-person team works well here. Never allow EASYJoint to stand in piles or allow the paving to dry with any remaining on its surface.

  3. Remember to continuously wash the paving; allow the sweeper to push the compound into the joints and ensure water is kept ahead so that the paving is always wet. Be mindful that warmer weather will dry out areas quicker, so ensure surfaces are kept thoroughly wet - especially in the Summer months.

  4. Once the area is successfully applied, assess the joints throughout and top up any areas that have lowered or dipped with more EASYJoint compound. Remember to use the steps above to ensure the joint is applied correctly.

  5. Finally, gently wash the surface with a light spray to wash off any remaining EASYJoint residue and aid the compaction process. Remember to leave any grains of sand on the surface or the 'rainbow effect' caused by the linseed oil in the compound. Once the water has drained away, a 'flicking' motion with a clean soft hand brush (not the one used to apply the compound!) will help to remove any loose grains.

  6. While not essential, it is strongly recommended by professionals to 'point' or 'strike' the surface of the joints with a suitable finishing tool; brick jointers, small bent pipes work well here. This will assist in checking for low spots whilst ensuring the joints are uniformly below the surface of the paving and aid in keeping the joint cleaner for longer. Start doing this process once the paving has dried and the joints are drained, applying virtually no pressure to the surface of the tool - it is only to finish the joint, not compress it.

A full video can be found in our product images which will help explain the application process. Alternatively, feel free to click here to view it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I use a power washer to clean the paving and joints?
    • Yes, you can clean your paving joints with a pressure washer but it must be done cautiously and only after your EASYJoint Paving Joint Compound has set hard - this can take up to a month before being fully set. Remember to angle your pressure washer jet at a 45° angle and use the fan-spray function from no closer than 150mm from the paving joint.

  • How deep do the paving joints need to be?
    • It is recommended that the minimum depth of the paving joint is 20mm; this needs to be deep enough to ensure the jointing compound has enough strength to bond itself to create a long-lasting joint.

  • What is the minimum width a paving joint can be?
    • Paving joints needs to be a minimum of 3mm wide however, care should be taken with this as a joint can be chamfered which means the bottom edge of the joint can be narrower than the top.

  • How does EasyJoint go hard?
    • Simply on contact with the air - once the tub is opened and the bag opened, and once air gets to it, the curing process begins. EASYJoint can be stored in the tub once the bag is opened by keeping it covered with at least 50mm of water and replacing the lid.

  • Can I top up joints when the EASYJoint compound has set hard?
    • No. Sagging of a joint must be topped up whilst it is still wet (or has not cured). If you attempt to try and top up a joint it will not bond properly with the existing joint and over time will eventually fail.