All About EASYJoint Jointing Compound

EASYJoint is the UK’s top selling paving jointing compound, favoured by professionals and DIY installers all around the world.

The all weather sweep-in joint compound is a very quick, effective, and aesthetically pleasing way to fill joints between paving. Making hard landscaping even easier due to the fact that the product is best installed in wet conditions; rain or shine, it goes in fine.

Suitable for all types of paving material, this easy to use product will provide a paving gap that is completely filled, without the need for kneeling and compressing the material by hand. Lasting for years, the joint will be strong enough to resist the elements and stand the test of time, making it much more effective than traditional jointing methods.

Why do Tradespeople choose EASYJoint?

EASYJoint is the UK’s number one paving joint compound, with millions of tubs sold around the UK alone. Since 2009, Azpects the creator of EASYJoint has had a simple mission - to produce products which make creating and maintaining hard landscaping easy.

EASYJoint brings a whole new dimension to paving jointing in the UK. It is a totally unique product with numerous advantages over other alternatives on the market. Therefore, EASYJoint has become a favourable product for professionals and DIYers alike...

Quick and easy to use

Strong, flexible and permeable joints are achieved up to 20 times quicker than conventional methods.

With no mixing required, the product is ready to go, straight from the tub. You can read more details on the application process below.

No wastage

EASYJoint has an unlimited shelf life and provided the container remains sealed, is guaranteed to last.

If you have leftover product from a project, simply store in the original container with some water added to the tub and seal for later use. No wastage and retrieving residue product makes for a cost effective option for your paving joints.

Considers many users

Due to the revolutionary and simplistic method of application, EASYJoint is EASY to use and delivers outstanding results. Whether you are a beginner in the field of landscaping, a professional or just a DIY enthusiast; the perfect finish can be achieved with little to no experience.

Weatherproof application

A huge advantage of EASYJoint is its versatility and the ability to apply in virtually any weather condition.

Waiting for breaks in the weather can become a thing of the past, as no matter if it’s a blazing hot day in summer, or a wet and cold winters day, you can still get on with the job at hand.

You can even apply EASYJoint at subzero temperatures and there's no need to protect your hard work from rain or frost when newly laid.

How To Use EASYJoint

To apply, you simply need your chosen EASYJoint product, a soft broom, a pointing tool and a hose with a spray nozzle.

With EASYJoint, as long as there is a gap of at least 3mm wide and 20mm deep, perfect patio jointing can be achieved in 4 EASY steps:





For a full video demonstration click here.


How much EASYJoint will I need?

The amount of EASYJoint you will need depends on the size of your project. If you know the size of the area you are working on, you can use this online calculator to work out how much EASYJoint you will need.

How deep do the paving joints need to be?

It is recommended that the minimum depth of the paving joint is 20mm; this needs to be deep enough to ensure the jointing compound has enough strength to bond itself to create a long-lasting joint.

How wide should the paving joints be?

Paving joints need to be at least 3mm wide. However, caution should be taken with this as a joint can be chamfered which means the bottom edge of the joint can be narrower than the top.

Why do you need to soak the paving before using EASYJoint?

There are 3 main reasons why using plenty of water with EASYJoint is essential. Water helps to sweep the paving compound around the patio and allows it to compact itself into the joints.

There is no need to push product into the joints, as the paving compound does the hard work for you; falling into paving gaps, filling voids and compacting.

Lastly, it contains linseed oil, a vital ingredient to create a strong bond in the paving joint. However, to prevent the linseed oil from floating on the surface of the water rather than penetrating the stone, the paving stone should be soaked.

Can I use a power washer to clean the paving and joints?

Yes, you can clean your paving joints with a pressure washer but it must be done cautiously and only once the EASYJoint compound has set hard. Remember to angle the pressure washer at a 45° angle using the fan spray function, no closer than 150mm from the paving joint.

How long does EASYJoint take to fully set hard?

It can take up to a month for EASYJoint to fully set.

How does EASYJoint go hard?

Simply in contact with the air. Once the tub and bag are opened and the air gets to the product, the curing process begins.

Can you reuse excess EASYJoint?

Any used but excess EASYJoint can be stored in the tub once the bag is opened by keeping it covered with at least 50mm of water and replacing the lid.

Can I top up joints when the EASYJoint compound has set hard?

No. Sagging of a joint must be topped up whilst it is still wet (or has not cured). If you attempt to top up the joint afterwards, it will not bond properly with the existing joint.

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