XMS23GORHAM Roughneck 567g (20oz) Gorilla Claw Hammer

XMS23GORHAM Roughneck 567g (20oz) Gorilla Claw Hammer
XMS23GORHAM Roughneck 567g (20oz) Gorilla Claw Hammer
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XMS23GORHAM Roughneck 567g (20oz) Gorilla Claw Hammer

The XMS23GORHAM Roughneck 567g (20oz) Gorilla Claw Hammer. This remarkable tool offers a potent combination of striking force, reduced vibration, and ingenious design, making it your go-to hammer for any project. Crafted with care and expertise, this hammer promises superior performance and convenience, thanks to its innovative features.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Striking Power: Crafted from drop-forged, hardened, and tempered steel, our Gorilla Claw Hammer packs a serious punch.
  • V-Shock Twin-Beam Girder Shaft: The secret to our reduced shock and vibration lies in the unique V-Shock twin-beam girder shaft. It acts as a built-in damper, ensuring your strikes are precise and gentle on your hands.
  • Air-Cushioned Grip: Feel the difference with the air-cushioned grip. It takes the edge off the impact and adds an extra layer of control to your strikes. Your hand will thank you for the reduced strain.
  • Balanced Design: We've thoughtfully reduced the weight in the shaft to shift the centre of gravity towards the head. This results in impeccable balance, making your hammer feel like an extension of your arm.
  • Magnetic Nail Holder: Tired of fumbling with nails in hard-to-reach areas? Our Gorilla Claw Hammer features a magnetic nail holder for effortless nail starting.
  • Mini-Claw for Easy Nail Removal: Removing embedded nails is a breeze with the mini-claw. Enjoy hassle-free nail extraction, saving you time and preserving your materials.


  • Weight: 567 grams (20 ounces)
  • Material: Drop-forged, hardened, and tempered steel
  • Shaft: V-Shock twin-beam girder shaft for reduced vibration
  • Grip: Air-cushioned for added control
  • Magnetic Nail Holder: Yes, for easy nail starting.
  • Mini-Claw: Included for effortless nail removal.
  • Lanyard Hole: Built into the handle base for secure tethering at heights.